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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

VIDEO: How to Layer Gelatos Tutorial PLUS 6 Ways With Gelatos

Techniques with Gelatos, how to layer and use, Video by Kim Dellow

I like using Faber-Castell Gelatos because they are so easy to use and quite versatile too, but they aren't the best at layering, well, they are if you want blended layers. But if you want distinct layers then I would not usually reach for Gelatos. If you find the same than I have a technique for you in this week's video that will overcome this issue and let you add as many Gelato layers without you want and without blending the layers all together.

So watch the video if you want to see how I do it and also to see the six different techniques I use to apply my Gelatos in just this one little mixed media canvas. You might also recognise the flower? As promised it is the digital download image that I colored with pencils in last week's video and if you want to see that video you can find it over on my YouTube channel with lots of tips on How to Color With Prismacolor Pencils. And the image is over in my Etsy shop ready for you to download and color along with three other flowers, this image is the Anemone flower digital stamp.

VIDEO: How to Layer Gelatos Tutorial PLUS 6 Ways With Gelatos



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Prismacolor pencils
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Close up of the Techniques with Gelatos, how to layer and use, Video by Kim Dellow

So have fun with all the techniques I have shared with you today and I would love to see what you make of them so do link me in on social media and all my links are below.

Video tutorial on how to use Prismacolor pencils:

Click to see the video on how to color with Prismacolor Pencils


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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

AS FEATURED ON: Blitsy - How To Make Easy Art Postcards

You guys know that I try lots of different products and techniques don't you? I see it as part of my job to try as much out as I can and come up with ideas to help other people to make informed product choice decisions and get their inspiration buzz on! But I definitely do get into some short and long term obsessions about certain techniques or products, I mean we all do don't we? We can't help it, it is kind of how we tick in this arty-crafty world!

Well, last week on the Blitsy blog it was my faux-print look obsession, this week I am sharing one of my other current obsessions - watercolour.

[I do use affiliate links and there are some in this blog post.]

Kim Dellow Watercolour postcard tutorial

It's a trend that is still going strong and you can understand way, it is a beautiful medium to work in. But I also think it can be just a little intimidating sometimes if you are new to it. So this week on the Blitsy blog I am sharing probably one of the simplest watercolour techniques you can have a go at! It is an art postcard tutorial which would make a great quick note to family and friends or even just for sticking up on your wall! If you are a dab hand at watercolours already then this will be a super quick and easy make to bulk up so that you have lots of cards to send to people or decorate your world with!

You do not even need watercolour paints for this one. I've used the Pitt Big Brush Artist pens from Faber-Castell to add the colour to this postcard. I've gone through all the steps on the blog in my post called How To Make Easy Art Postcards''.

I was going to write on the back of the card for the photograph but my mind went blank for what to say. Isn't that just the way with postcards? Either you write hardly anything or you write so much you wish you had written a letter instead! Oh and if you are too young to know what a postcard is, it is like direct messaging, it just takes a little longer to get to the recipient!

Have fun with it.


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Friday, 21 November 2014

Bright And Bold Bloom Tag Tutorial

Who fancies something cheerful and bright? ME! ME! ME! Yep, I thought that today would be a good day to share a big, colourful bloom tag tutorial using watercolour and pastel pencils. What do you reckon? Are you up for it too?

It is a project revisit and you may have seen it on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft in 2012 but it is new to my blog so I hope you enjoy it and have a go at it yourself.

You will need:
Art Grip® Aquarelle Watercolour pencil (colours: 119, 125) or
PITT® Pastel pencils* (colours: 199, 153, 156, 109, 104, 101, 168, 170)
Kaisercraft Numbers Texture Stamp
Ranger Archival Ink Pad Jet Black

Step 1

Prepare the surface with a layer of gesso then once the gesso is dry lightly draw the outline of a large bloom on the bottom right hand corner. Fill the bloom shape with Masking Fluid* and let that dry. Use the texture stamp and the Ranger Archival ink to stamp in random places.

Then start adding colour using the Watercolour pencils* by picking up the colour with a wet brush from the pencil point and brushing it over the surface.

Step 2

Keep adding colour with the wet brush to get the intensity that you want then run the pencil point along the outer edge of the tag. Use the brush to soften any edges as needed then let the tag dry completely. Load the wet brush with colour then flick the tip to get a colour splatter on the surface. Once the surface is dry peel off the Masking Fluid*.

Step 3

In the space left by the Masking Fluid* draw in the big bloom with a black PITT® Pastel pencils*. You may want to redraw the bloom in lightly with a pencil first to give you some guidelines for the pastel outline.

Step 4 

Start adding colour to the petals by using different tones of your chosen colour of Pastel pencil*; try using the darker tones nearer the centre and bottom of the petal and the lighter tones around the edges.

Add some extra highlights and blending with a white Pastel pencil*.

Step 5

Finish the tag with a hand written sentiment cut out and lined with the black Artist Pen* and some hand drawn Pastel pencil* leaves.

There you have it, a bright, bold, bloom tag!

with lots of lovely layers and textures.

I think these techniques would look lovely on a canvas or a journal page, what do you think?

Thanks for dropping by for my revisited tutorial today.


[*Just so that you know some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links.]

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas In A Sardine Tin Tutorial

Putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend I came across a project that I did last year for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft.

Some of you might remember it, I had a step by step tutorial for it too but the tutorial only went up on the Design Memory Craft blog and I thought it might be fun to post it here on my blog.

I've added some more details to the tutorial here but if you want to see the original post then pop on over to the Design Memory Craft 2012 12 Days of Christmas, Day 5: Christmas in a Sardine Tin.

You Will Need:
Sardine Tin - empty and clean!
Card - white
Old sewing pattern tissue
Gingham rubber stamp (optional)
Water spray bottle
Bulldog clips
Cocktail stick

Deep Scarlet Red 219 Stamper’s Big Brush pen
Dark Chrome Yellow 109 Stamper’s Big Brush pen
Leaf Green 112 Stamper’s Big Brush pen
PITT Gold 250 Artist Pen
PITT Metallic Green 294 Artist Pen
Metallic Mint Gelato
Metallic Gold Champagne Gelato

Step 1 - Prepare The Tin

So you have eaten the sardines, or feed them to your cat, cleaned the tin and dried it, now you need to prepare the inside ready to stick on the fabric. Either cover it with gesso or use a sturdy multi-purpose glue to stick on some white paper and let it dry completely before starting the next stage.

Step 2 - Prepare The Fabric

You can use any fabric you might already have and if you have a nice patterned fabric already then trim it so that it is bigger then the tin then move on to Step 3.

I decided to use a blank loose weave canvas type fabric and decorate it myself. I stamped a pattern on it using the Gelatos and Stamper’s Big Brush pen.

Step 3 - Cover The Inside Of The Tin

Paint the inside of the sardine tin with glue and start pressing the fabric into the tin. Smooch the frabic up into each of the corners and take your time covering all the walls.

Bulldog clips or clothes pegs come in handy holding the fabric in place whilst the glue dries.

Step 4 - Make Your Tree

Cover some card with old sewing pattern papers and cut out your Christmas tree shapes. Then use your colouring materials to colour the pieces. The Gelatos and Stamper’s Big Brush pen work well because they are watersoluble so are translucent and you can still see the sewing pattern

You can add a bit of sparkle too with a metallic pen like the PITT Metallic Green 294 Artist Pen, I've skimmed it over the edges and along any folds in the papers. 

Make a little star using the same method then round the tree over a pen and stick it in the tin.

Step 5 - Make The Banner

Stamp or write your sentiment and colour a cocktail stick. Wrap the sentiment strip around the cocktail stick and glue it into the tin. Then make a little heart cut from coloured card to finish the make.

Hope you enjoyed this project revisit. Now I'm wondering what other Christmas scenes I could put in a tin, what do you think?

If you like this tin, please do checkout some of my other tins:


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Have You Seen...?

Time for a magazine update and a couple of articles from me, plus lots of lovely articles from lots of other folks too of course!

So first up is Papercraft Essentials issue 93:

I've got a Cut Out and Keep with some yum dies from La-La Land Crafts, you can find them over at Crafts U Love too, and my own pastel papers called a Medley of Pastels which you can find in my Etsy shop. Yeah, I think I need to work on my paper names!

Then there is Simply Cards and Papercraft Issue 109:

I've got a watercolour backgrounds article in this issue using Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos and Stamper's Big Brush pens, well not just backgrounds actually, I've made the embellishments with the Gelatos and Stamper's Big Brush too. You also get a lovely butterfly die with this issue - pretty!

Enjoy your coffee break.

Catch you later.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Holiday Season Treats - Giveaway!

Who fancies a Holiday Season Giveaway?

Yum! Yep all these wonderful Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® products can be yours to play with, some fun to start the New Year in proper creative fashion!

To be in with a chance to win then add your link below. If you don't have a blog you can still add your name and just add my blog URL or skip the step. Please only enter once and keep your eye on my blog to see if you are a winner. The giveaway is open worldwide so feel free to spread the word!

The giveaway closes 12 midnight (GMT) 6th January 2013.

As a thank you to Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft®, who have donated this lovely prize, please do go and checkout their Facebook page and/ or Blog and link up with them. Also if you like what you see here on my blog feel free to follow, join my email list and link-up to me too if you haven't already!

Happy Holidays.


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Thursday, 27 December 2012

One Last Guest Design Team Post

I've got my last guest Design Team post up on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® blog.

It is an altered mini-canvas and here is a sneaky little peeky!

I've also got a how I made the project up on the blog as well if you are interested.

Don't forget to sign-up to the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® giveaway if you haven't already.

Catch you later. 


Friday, 14 December 2012

The Value Of Hindsight In A Tag For Design Memory Craft

A little sneaky look at a make for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® using a fabulous large sentiment stamp from the Bold Insight Unity Kit from Make The Day Special.

If you want to see more then pop on over to the Design Memory Craft blog to see the whole make and a step by step.

 I used the Stamper's Big Brush Pens Cobalt Turquoise 153 as my main colour, and the Stamper’s Big Brush Cold Grey I 230 pen.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Big Blooming Design Memory Craft Tag

Shall we take a break from all these Autumn and Christmas makes I've been showing recently and take a quick walk in some sunshine colours? Yes please!

It's a mixed media tag using the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® PITT® Pastel pencils and the Art Grip® Aquarelle Watercolour pencils

If you want to see how I made it then pop on over to the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® blog for the step by step tutorial.

All the yum texture and rich colour! Don't forget to checkout the call for the next group of guest designers if you fancy trying these products for yourself.

Have a Big Blooming Sunday!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Christmas In A Sardine Tin

Who is up for Christmas in a Sardine tin? Yep, I've been altering sardine tins again, I just can't help myself! Well I did make David eat quite a few so I have some empty tins stacked up ready to use. 

For this one I fancied seeing if I could cram Christmas into my tin using the Red, Green and Yellow Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® Mix and Match colour sets. So it is quite a traditional Christmas!

I've done a little bit of stamping on fabric and used some of my collaged card too. 

But you can find out more from the step by step on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft® blog if you fancy finding out how I got Christmas into this tin.

Thanks for dropping in.