Friday 1 April 2011

Core Colour ZIG Art and Graphic Pens From Kuretake

Hey guys, I wanted to show you some cards I've recently made for Kuretake to go with their packs of  ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens.

You guys know how much I love these pens and not just because I am on the Kuretake Design team! If you want to learn more about these pens then have a look at the post I wrote about the water-based dye ink ZIG Art and Graphics Twin pens.

Kuretake do a range of different colours in sets of four, six and twelve pens and I have recently been making samples with some of these sets.

The first set I want to show you is the Core Colours set of four pens (red, green, blue, yellow) which is a great starter set if you just want to try the pens out.

The first sample I made used the pens as they are by colouring shapes, punched with Kurepunchs, with the brush end and writing using the 0.8mm Tip.

The next sample utilises the water-based aspect of these pens and the fact that the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Pens dye ink mixes nicely. So I did some watercolour washes of ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Pens colour over a clear embossed stamped tag.

The little flower-shaped paper clip and ribbon are both from Kuretake as well.

Have a fun Friday folks and hope you get to do lots of colouring today!



  1. Ooooh! They are lovely. Wish I could have some of these :)

  2. glad I am late visiting your desk - I am going to find me some of these ZIG and graphic pens this weekend, if I can find them at Lunchtime I will use them on my Darcy 52 pages...Darcy was saying Derwent Inktense range is coming out in the watercolour blocks (my preference) as well as the pencils...ah I feel bright colours approaching....


  3. Simply gorgeous. I do hope you stayed cleaner than I did with their Kurecolor inks. Messy but great fun.

  4. Terrific tag. More of these please...


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