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  1. I have just found you through Julie, you did a guest blog while she is busy unpacking. I signed up for your newsletter! Now I am off to see what you are all about :)
    Victoria, BC

    1. Hi Suzyb, thanks so much for coming over to my blog and for signing up to my newsletter. I'm not sure which guest blog post you are referring too but you are more than welcome here! I hope you enjoy what you see.

  2. Hi Kim, it's Suz. I did your faces prompts. I thought I was signed up here but I guess I was just subscribed to your YouTube. :D I love your latest gelli prints and envelopes. I am making one and just sending people here and YouTube for the tutorial I will be doing for Life Documented. I am doing a Christmas post on adding all kinds of envelopes. It will be here the first weekend in Dec.

    1. Hey Suz, I remember! Show Your Face was fun wasn't it?! Have you been keeping up the face practice? I have been a little slack on it, I really must do some more faces! Thank you so much for joining me on YouTube as well. I am glad you have been enjoying the gelli prints projects and a massive thank you for sending people over here and to my channel too. I can't wait to see your envelopes, it will be fun to see how you use envelopes in your Life Documented project, so I look forward to that!
      Have fun!

    2. Yes, in fact your faces propelled me to Kara Bullocks year long Let's Face It class and that is what I have mainly been doing this year. That and the group. So thank you for that! I love your art. :D


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