Friday 22 April 2011

Blog Post?

Ok, so my plans to get back on top of blogging this week went a little awry - oops!

My workspace has vanished - I can't find it. Just lucky I wasn't in my seat at the time as I would have been lost too!

I'm in a little bit of disarray and the disarray has been building since the beginning of April! The turmoil in my craft area is a reflection of the turmoil this April has bought to the Dellow and Norman household. Some good turmoil and some not so good turmoil - such is life :)

So Easter - is sort out time! We is Spring Cleaning - Eek! Scary! 

My craft space will be turned into a well organised area of shiny creativity - honest :)

Enjoy your Friday you guys.



  1. OOh Kim, what have you been up to? and I read further to find you're being good and spring cleaning I'm so relieved thought a tornado might have hit! It'll all be grand when finished. Hope you have a brilliant weekend:0) xxx
    p.s sorry to hear you have some bad stuff too:{

  2. I hope you will find your crafting space soon - terrible when that happens. Kinda feel a little lost hehe.
    Happy spring cleaning.

  3. Oh dear, good luck, hope your space re-appears soon,

    Liz x

  4. Now that reminds me a bit of my excuse is that I would be tidy if I could actually get in my craftroom (more commonly known as household dumping ground) and if I could get in my craftroom I wouldn't have to spread out around the house.

    ...well it sounds good LOL

    Have fun with your tidying.

    Toni xx

  5. LOL i love that!!!LOL
    I wish to you and your family a nice Easter!!!

  6. Oh that's made me feel better - my craft room frequently looks like a bomb's hit it !!!!


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